Bite by Sodexo - Universities App

The Mobile Dining App You'll Use Everyday!

With the BiteU App, use the geo-locator to connect with your campus dining site. Then, see what's cooking and learn more about each dish on a menu just by tapping on it. You can even log your menu item directly into FitBit. See detailed nutritional information, including calories, fat, sodium, carbs and more for each menu item. Then personalize it! Whether you're seeking healthier choices, following a plant-based diet or have a sensitivity to different allergens, Bite lets you filter your search based on your dietary needs. 

Ready to eat? You can link your meal plan, Mariner Money and/or a credit card to your account and use it to order and pay for meals and beverages at The Waypoint! 

Here's how to get started:

Download and install the Bite for Universities App from the Apple or Google Play Store.

download on the app storeget it on google play


  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register Now”
    -ID Number - Enter your ID number
    -Last Name - Enter your last name.
  3. Create User Profile Page
    Complete the form as follows...

    -Create your username – A valid username is one word without spaces or special characters.  Please do not utilize an email as a username. Usernames are Case Sensitive!   
    -Create your password – A valid password is at least 5 characters without spaces or special characters.
    -Re-enter your password to confirm.
    -Select a secret question from the drop-down list and provide your answer.
    -Enter your email address.

  4. Review Cardholder Terms & Conditions Page
    -Click “Yes”
    -Enter Initials
    -Click “Accept Terms" 

Registration & Card Activation Successful Confirmation Page

Congratulations, you have successfully registered your account. To access your account, click on ""Click Here"" to return to the login page and enter the username and password you just established.

Once you have Registered open the Bite App and follow these steps:

  1. Create a Bite account
  2. After creating your account, the next screen prompts you to ADD campus card
  3. Enter the user name and password created above
  4. IF you have previously downloaded, created an account, and NOT linked your card, hit pay in the dock, and click ""activate"" and enter your account credentials
  5. You are ready to use your dining plan in BITE!

pay screen: campus card not active - click activate; welcome screen: click add campus card; sign in screen: enter username and password and click sign in