By protecting and improving our environment, the communities where we do business and the students we serve, Sodexo makes every day a better day and every tomorrow a better tomorrow.

The Main Dining Room

Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We are proud to offer a dining program complete with signature brands and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine. Just feast your eyes on what we have available!

Featuring a wide variety of fresh food designed to satisfy everyone's appetite with food choices to rival your favorite restaurants:

  • Fresh fruit and salads
  • Delicious, hot, home-style entrées
  • Freshly baked pizza and pasta
  • Deli choices served on freshly baked breads
  • New creations by our chef just for you
  • Freshly baked desserts
  • Homemade soups
  • And you can enjoy "all you care to eat"!

At Maine Maritime Academy. Sodexo prioritizes local food sourcing. Buying locally means we are making a positive impact on the local economy and environment. Read more about The Maine Course heremainecourse-large-bricklet-400x220

We are trayless at all meals and we do ask our patrons to bus their own tables. Our associates clean the areas throughout every meal.

On the Menu

Menus not available. Please call (207) 326-2460 for menu information.

Hours of Operation

Week of: 05/21/2018 - 05/27/2018

Summer Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: Closed

Meal Prices

Our all-you-care to eat location in the Main Dining hall features a wide variety of fresh food designed to fit your needs.   During our regular school year hours of operation, you can access the Main Dining Room with the following payments:

Meal Plans
With a dining meal plan - you may access the Main Dining Room as many times per day as you like.    Each entry will require you to utilizing one of the following:

  • 1 Meal (Meal plan holder only - sorry, no transfers)
  • 1 Guest Meal (must be or be accompanied by a Residential Meal Plan Holder)
  • Flex - Meal plan holders may utilize their flex dollars at the Cash Price for both themselves and guests (see below for prices)

Declining Balance
Declining Balance holders may utilize their account balances to access the Main Dining Hall at cash prices (see below for prices)

Cash, Check, Credit or Debit
You may also access the Main Dining Hall with cash, credit/debit or check made out to "Maine Maritime Academy". Prices are as follows:

  • Breakfast (6:00AM-10:29AM) : $6 | $3 Child Under 12* | Child under 2 Free*
  • Lunch (10:30AM-4:29PM): $12 |  $6 Child Under 12*  |  Child under 2 Free*
  • Dinner (4:30PM-7:00PM): $12 | $6 Child Under 12*  |  Child under 2 Free*

*Each Child Meal must be accompanied by a regular priced meal

Main Dining Room Policies

Students and employees with meal plans, declining balance, or flex dollars are required to present their MMA ID card in order to enter the dining hall or to make purchases at the Waypoint using their declining balance or flex dollars. Cash, Credit Cards or checks made out to “Maine Maritime Academy” are also accepted at both the Main Dining Room as well as Waypoint. MMA employees must present their MMA employee ID to access employee meal rates. Presenting your MMA or Student ID, at the Main Dining Room or at the Waypoint is also used to validate a tax exempt purchased for students and employees. 

MMA Students whom have lost or misplaced their MMA IDs must get a new ID at Curtis Hall Front Desk.   Those hours where Curtis hall front desk is not available during meal hours (6am-
8am, M-F or 8am-8:30am Saturday/Sunday), guests can obtain a temporary ID from Campus Safety.

MMA Faculty and staff whom have lost or misplaced their MMA ID must get a new ID at Campus Safety.

Food Removal Policy
With the exception of a small snack (ie. a piece of hand fruit, a cookie, a cup
of coffee or ice cream) or a meal for a sick student, as approved by the department of Residential Life or Health Services, food is not to be removed from the main dining hall facility.

Sick Meal Procedure
Students who need a sick tray must get a Sick Meal approval sheet signed off by a member of the Health Services team, Dean of Students or Professional Member of the Residential Life Staff.    Once the form is completed and approved, the student or staff who will be picking up the meal(s) should bring the form to Campus Dining Management who will provide the meal to bring to the sick student.

Personal Appearance
A tradition of neat, clean, respectful demeanor and appearance runs deep at the Academy.
Anyone entering the Dining Hall, which is a high profile, public area for MMA, is expected to dine in clean attire and eat in a civilized manner. For example, the wearing of a hat at the table is inappropriate. Dining hall guests are required to adhere to the following standards of dress: must have a shirt or top that covers back, chest and underarms (no open-sided tank tops); pants, leggings, shorts, a skirt, or a dress that provides full front and rear coverage; and footwear (shoes, sneakers, clean boots, or sandals).

The following are prohibited in the Dining Hall: bare feet; soiled or heavily stained uniforms or clothing; boiler suits; lab coats; swimsuits or sweaty work-out gear; animals/pets with the exception of service animals.  In addition, offensively coarse, sexually or racially offensive language and/or graphic displays explicitly displayed on clothing are not permitted in the dining areas.

Regimental students may have additional requirements or restrictions and should also refer to their Regimental Manual. Anyone who fails to comply with these standards will either be asked to change before entry or may be asked to leave the dining area. 

Personal Beverage Containers:

Patrons to the dining hall are prohibited from filling personal water bottles, coffee mugs or other containers brought from outside the Dining Hall with water, coffee, juice, milk or any other product from inside the dining hall. There is a water fountain on the main floor for your use.

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