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Trayfree Dining

TRAYFREE dining is one significant initiatiative that helps to minimize waste as well as water and energy usage while creating a more sustainable food service operation. There are many benefits to going TRAYFREE in our dining operations including:

  • Electricity, water and chemical usage are reduced because there are far fewer dishes and trays to wash. This effect alone can save thousands of gallons of water every day and generate hundreds of dollars in detergent and electricity savings.
  • Less detergents, solid waste and grease down the drain also improves our local community's water supply. Food materials discharged to local waste and water treatment plants contribute to increased levels of BOD (biological oxygen demand), COD ( chemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids), and O/G (oil and grease). Also, food materials discarded into solid waste stream contribute to odor and methane generation at disposal facilities and increase BOD and COD levels in local landfills.

Sodexo Campus Dining has implemented TRAYFREE dining with much success on several campuses across the country, including Georgia Tech, Prairie View A&M, Valdosta State, South Carolina State University, Rowan University and UMass Dartmouth.

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Latest Comments on TRAYFREE Dining

  • Took one plate and still didn't finish - great for me!
  • Been working out and not as tempted to overeat.
  • Great Idea! Two ladies visiting campus
  • Oh yeah, its saturday......This is a general comment that seems to arise and students seem to overall accept that saturday will be trayless.
  • "No tray idea is very inconvenient and problematic"
  • One student did a co-op at waste treatment plant and was amazed at the amount of refuse and how it adds up.
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