All students residing on campus must have a meal plan. Commuter students and Graduate students may purchase a traditional meal plan or
a Voluntary Block Plan to enjoy the convenience of dining on campus.

Which meal plan is best for you really is dependent on what you do on campus.

We do recommend that when you first arrive on campus, that you choose the 21 meal plan, at least during the first semester, to gauge your eating habits and ensure you have enough meals during each week.

This is especially true for freshmen in the regiment during the fall semester, as they are required to be on campus until the end of MUG month.

Do you participate in a sports team and may or may not be on campus every weekend?
Are you here during the weekends? Do you eat breakfast every day?
Is there a possibility of having watch and being here every day of the week?
Do you eat breakfast, or prefer a small snack that you can grab at the Waypoint?

These are questions you should ask yourself while determining a meal plan. We can help you on an individual basis if you aren't sure, just come into the dining services office and ask or email us at

Residents choose Meal Plans through the MMA Department of Student Life. Commuter students can purchase a plan on the Student Life Portal.

Traditional Meal Plans (21, 17, 12 and 5) can be added or changed during the first week of each semester.  All changes must be requested via the Student Life Portal by Friday of the first week.  Any other changes must be requested and approved by the Dean of Students.

For new students living on campus, you must select either the 21, 17 or 12 meal plan as part of your on-campus room and board contract.

For returning students, generally, you will be placed on the same meal plan that you ended the previous semester with, but you should always check your status by either logging onto or visiting a Campus Dining Register and requesting your balances.

Mariner Money and Block Plans can be purchased throughout the semester.

Your meal plan is not transferable. You may use one of your 4 guest passes that come with the residential plans, or guests can dine by paying the door rate.
You may use Flex Dollars to purchase food and beverage items at The Waypoint, but meal swipes are only for the Main Dining Room. Mariner Money, cash, credit and debit cards are also accepted at The Waypoint.
Flex Money is a set amount of dollars that come with your meal plan and can be used for food and beverage purchases in retail locations and on the Everyday dining app. Mariner Money may be purchased any time of the year through the Campus Card Center or at the dining register, and can be used for campus purchases, whether it’s dining, online printing or at the MMA Bookstore.
Your flex dollars will debit as you use them. Any remaining balance from a residential meal plan will roll over from fall to spring, but will expire at the end of spring semester. Flex money purchased with voluntary block plans will roll over from semester to semester. Mariner Money debits as you use it, but balances remain on your account as long as you're an enrolled student. 
Yes! We have menu options that are Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-Based, which are clearly identified by our Mindful menu icons. We also have "Simple Zone" in the MDR, which is our campus pantry where food items needed by students with Celiac disease or nut allergies are stored and prepared with precautions against cross-contact. This area is free of tree nut, peanut and gluten-containing ingredients and products. This allows students to make safe choices while still having the freedom to dine with their friends. If you are unsure of the ingredients in an item available please ask a staff member for assistance.
Still concerned? You have access to General Manager, Carmen Montes and the District Dietitian, Chelsea Champagne, both of whom can work with you to ensure that you have a safe dining experience. We encourage that you contact them for an online consultation prior to arriving on campus, so they can create a discuss your dietary needs and outline a dining plan for you.
Yes! The "Everyday" app is available and has features and functionalities designed to make mobile dining easy and convenient. View menus and nutritional information, filter by dietary need or preferences, use your meal plan/credit/debit card to purchase then pick-up your order and enjoy! Visit for more info, then download from the App Store or Google Play. Create an account, link your meal plan and you’re ready to start mobile ordering! 

Tray-free dining is a trend that Sodexo leads in many colleges and universities around the country in an effort to be more sustainable and to continue to be more environmentally friendly. It is an important facet in Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Plan. 

Going tray-free not only helps us save water by not having to clean the hundreds of trays that are used on a typical day, but also saves on refuse by decreasing wasted food. When visiting an all-access dining location, it can be easy to take more than will actually be consumed. This problem is exacerbated when we have a large tray to "fill up." With tray-less dining, we reduce the amount of food that is taken yet never eaten. The Better Tomorrow Plan focuses on the health of our guests as well. Dining with a tray encourages overeating and exceeding daily recommended caloric intake. Guests are welcome to go back to the stations for additional food as needed. 

We're here for our guests and always love to hear what you think!   We have several ways you can give us suggestions and/or feedback. You can visit any of our locations and submit a comment card, email us at or go to our Feedback page. You can text MMADining along with your comments to 82257 and opt into direct text messaging with the dining team. A Customer Satisfaction Dining Survey is also given each semester to ask for feedback, so be sure to participate! Want to be fully engaged? Ask us about joining the Student Culinary Council.